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I swear I had a resolution to post more this year, but there's a reason I tend not to make new year's resolutions...

So what happened?
Well, I may have briefly mentioned I was acting director for a while at the end of last year. I came back from holidays to a bunch of frantic phone calls saying that the guy I was filling in for was still away and could I keep doing it for another 2 weeks. And then after that two weeks, another two weeks...this went on for the next two months, basically. I didn't mind in the sense that I am angling for a position at that level, and every bit of experience helps (also they were paying me more, and not expecting me to do my job too, unlike the last time I did this), but it was a trifle frustrating to mentally tidy up the loose ends and prepare to go back to my job, only to have to change direction again when it turned out that no, the guy was not coming back just yet. Several times.

And then I had to catch up with my job, which hadn't really been filled while I was away. And then somehow it was Easter, and my parents were visiting, and then my phone died and had to be replaced, and then I made the mistake of starting to play Dragon Age: Inquisition. That game sucked me in in a way that not much has for a while, and then, being a Dragon Age game, chewed me up and spat me out. I remember Andy playing the first one when it came out (in about 2009 I think) and hearing him moan about it, and thinking 'this is not for me' even though character and story driven RPGs are totally my thing. But Andy started playing the prologue around the time I was starting to get bored all over again with Skyrim, and I thought 'that looks interesting' and that was the end of my life for the next month.

(For the uninitiated the Dragon Age games are full of ambiguous moral choices where there are often no right answers, well-drawn characters who you fall in love with and then have to make dire decisions for, and very little in the way of happy endings)

Somewhere in the middle of this, the LJ terms of service change came through and I decided I didn't really want to post there anymore, but I dithered (and was kind of busy) about moving over here for a while. I also mostly stopped even looking at LJ so I have gotten a bit out of touch. Anyway, now I have finally made the plunge. I have moved over all my old posts, so I may well get around to deleting my LJ account eventually, but I'll leave it up for now with a redirection notice. I can't say how often I'll post, because I used to mostly post LJ stuff on my phone, and there's no app for this, as far as I can tell. I should try and be a bit disciplined about doing it at the computer when I am working from home (which is a lot at the moment), but see note above about resolutions.

As for things at the moment: we currently have a Malaysian exchange student staying with us, which is a bit of a shock for a house full of introverts, and probably a shock for her too. Thankfully she seems to be more bemused than horrified by the boys antics. The garden is entering its winter phase - some kind of Thing has taken up residence in it - a Thing that comes out at night and digs through the compost and eats seedlings. I have been feeling remarkably well, for no reason I can particularly tell - all my biochemical indicators are as tepid as usual - so I am enjoying it while it lasts. I have not been doing as much crafty stuff as usual lately due to Dragon Age, but I am hoping to pick up a bit more now I have finished the game (although I should note that as I came up to the end I was thinking 'there's no way I could play this through again', and then within one day of finishing the main story I had rolled up a new character and started another play through - but there's less urgency (and angst!) with this one as I know what happens now).

So then, farewell LJ, hello Dreamwidth. 

(I was going to post a pic, but it looks like I can only do that from a URL - might have to tinker a bit...)

Date: 2017-06-03 08:46 am (UTC)
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DW has an image thingy too. Here:

Date: 2017-06-07 01:49 pm (UTC)
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Hello, and welcome to DW :)


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